Agricultures in transition

Are you a start-up? Does your solution support innovation in the agricultural sector? It enables to develop more sustainable models, more respectful for people and the environment?

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Innovating for agricultures in transition

Our agriculture draws and colours our territories. They shape our identities and are plural, diverse and complementary.

Agriculture and those who process or distribute it must, at the same time, feed a growing world population, meet our demands for quality and transparency, and do so in a changing world and a context of dwindling global resources.

Agricultural stakeholders play a key role in the preservation of our biodiversity and resources. In return, the entire agricultural skills chain must be able to rely on sustainable and remunerative models.

To support these necessary transitions, Le Village by CA Nord de France and 12 of its partners, including Crédit Agricole Nord de France, have joined forces and launched the "Agricultures en Transition" call for applications.

All start-ups working on these transitions and whose solution is applicable to agriculture in the Hauts-de-France are invited to apply. The best projects will be selected by our jury and will be integrated into the unique ecosystem of the Village by CA Nord de France to benefit from its support as well as qualified contacts with its partners. The winners will also join the Villages by CA network (the first start-up accelerator scheme in France).

You are a start-up and your solutions

address one or more of the 4 following themes?


Do you bring together the various players in the sector to ensure the success of innovative and sustainable projects?

Experiments and techniques

Are you developing experiments or techniques to accelerate the agro-ecological transition of agricultural systems?

Decision-making and steering assistance

Are you developing decision-making or management tools based on data valuation?


Do you help to inform, enhance or create a link between the producer and the end consumer, based on the notions of transparency and traceability?

Structurer, exploiter et rendre intelligibles les données de la ville

Développer de nouvelles techniques constructives, de nouveaux matériaux et procédés

Développer de nouveaux modèles (économiques, de distribution…)


At stake for the  award winners

There is no limit to the number of winners. All start-ups that convince our jury will be eligible for the awards below. 👇

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  • 🚀
  • 🏢


Integrate the Village by CA ecosystem, with its 37 Villages by CA, 600 partners and 800 start-ups. The Village by CA is the leading start-up accelerator scheme in France.


Accelerate your development and benefit from Village by CA Nord de France's personalised support for two years.


Have the opportunity to be hosted at the Village by CA Nord de France, in a unique 4500m² working environment dedicated to innovation in Lille, Euratechnologies, Site of Excellence and Innovation.

Entrer en relation avec les partenaires de l’initiative qui vous ouvrent leurs portes et leurs carnets d’adresses pour vous aider à trouver vos terrains d’expérimentations et signer des contrats déterminants pour votre développement.

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